23.05.24, 13:00 – 23.05.24, 14:00

Kitchen Session with The Frank Chu Archive

Join via Zoom!

“This project engages with the complexity of conspiracy theories and their relationship to graphic design, by creating an archive of Frank Chu’s protest signs. Chu is a San Francisco-based conspiracy theorist who has sustained a serial sign-making and protest practice for over two decades. Chu is a complex character, an Asian-American UC Berkeley graduate who is known as fame seeking and utilizes his micro-celebrity for local brand endorsements. In many ways Chu’s practice represents an important precursor to our current information environment, and serves as a microcosm of some of its economic and aesthetic dynamics. This archive would preserve and make visible this lesser known body of work, and act as a starting point for research on conspiracy theories and their social and racial dimensions.”
Chris Hamamoto is a designer, developer, and educator from the San Francisco Bay Area, now living in Seoul and teaching at Seoul National University. In addition to teaching, he pursues an independent practice focused on how automation and algorithms affect communication and aesthetics – a topic he explores through graphic design, and software design.