03.02.24, 15:00 – 03.02.24, 16:00

Hybrid tools for transdisciplinarity – collective sharing workshop with Sarah Drapeau

@ Toni-Areal, Viaduktraum 2.A05, Ebene 2, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Zürich 

“By inviting you into the co-creation of a brave space and by activating tools to facilitate discussion, like mapping in space, and embodied tools – I propose a moment to make space for sharing our experiences, our questions, our strengths, our tools, our intuitions, our skills, our fears, our needs, our challenges.

How do we learn and grow together? How to learn to give up, to renounce? How do we learn to take a break, to be lost? How do we learn to grieve possibilities, projects, ideas, and situations? What can we learn from our failures? How do we learn how to fail? How do we keep our motivation when everything is falling apart? What are the things that are essential to a (collective/individual) project? What is missing? How do we deal with the personal and intimate in our projects? What are the tools, the structures missing to grow further? What are our fears and our strengths?” – Sarah Drapeau 

Part of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”