26.01.22, 18:00

An Infinite, Incomplete Series: On ways of working within the School of Commons

Marea Hildebrand will speak on the concept of School of Commons (SoC), the future of learning and international peer-to-peer learning from her experience as the founder of School of Commons.

Fire is Scary, a collective of musicians and artists, is conducting research on the subject of translation, while participating in SoC. Fire is Scary will speak about their working methods and ways of working, researching translation through music recording, performance, workshops and exhibitions within the commons-based environment of SoC.

School of Commons (SoC) is a community-based initiative dedicated to the study and development of decentered knowledge, located at the Zurich University of the Arts. Promoting a broad, integrative understanding of knowledge, we focus on matters of organization surrounding the production and mediation of knowledge. Founded in 2016 as a space for self-organized education and research, our aim is to build an open environment that enables an international community of artists, designers, musicians, scientists and educators  to collaboratively innovate, scrutinize, and discuss knowledge practices under their own direction.

Fire is Scary is a collaboration between artists Sol Enae Lee and Gordon H. Williams and musicians Agustin Faundez Rojas and Ariel Sin Yu Lee. The themes of this project are translation, the borderlands (from Gloria E. Anzaldua- the experience of living between/across cultures) and learning to live in a damaged world. Translation figures both literally and metaphorically in our work, starting from Sol Enae Lee’s texts, which inspired the music for Fire is Scary. In our work, translation also plays a role as we move between the domains of visual art, design, music and text, as well as between our various cultural perspectives.

This event will take place over zoom via the following link: https://eu01web.zoom.us/my/campusgegenwart

Password: campus

For more info head over to (scroll down): https://campusgegenwart.de/commons-fuer-wen-ist-die-kunst/