12.12.23, 17:00

Collectively imagining co/living situations

Join us on 12 December from 17:00 at Framer Framed for the Collectively imagining co/living situations workshop. The workshop is led by yourfriendkas and Agata Guńka, known together as the Co/living: points of entry project. During the workshop, participants will collectively engage with shared living situations and their interrelation with spectrums of migration, gender, ability, health, cultural background, and others, addressing the current housing crisis and its implications.

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This workshop invites participants to collectively engage with shared living situations. Using writing, discussion, lino-making, and mapping, participants in the workshop can explore ways and workings, collectively imagine possibilities, and find commonalities in our many co/living contexts.

Communal living space is everywhere, even in an increasingly hyper-individualistic modern landscape. Building on the many existing ideas and practices of housing as commons, and the need to search for alternative forms of decommodified housing, the workshop aims to continue exploring the many sides of collective living, from financial and legal constraints to questions of the everyday.

How can we then think of collective living as an everyday practice? How can we learn from each other’s histories, feelings, associations, and ideas? What shapes our perception of what is possible, and what values do we want to see in the future?

The workshop is open to anyone willing to creatively participate in a collective discussion and create ideas for the everyday of co-living. No specific knowledge or predispositions are required.