25.06.24, 16:00 – 25.06.24, 19:00

Workshop: Creative Ways to Use Seasonal Gluts

We would like to invite you to a food workshop “Creative ways to use seasonal gluts’’. The workshop will be taught by Annie Levy, an American living in Wales UK, who is a curious and inventive cook, activist and a teacher of foodways. Through experimentation and  knowledge of many years, she explores tasty and nourishing ways with seasonal gluts and foraged finds. Annie’s cupboards and kitchen are full of imaginative ferments and interesting experiments. She is currently involved with a peer-to-peer learning program called The School of Commons, an international group of participants based in Zurich. Her project, “Pattern Greens,” explores the ways the people around the world have cooked with leafy green vegetables through the ages.

The workshop will be facilitated by Vaida Barzdaitė who met Annie while living in Wales through a variety of food and community growing projects.

Vaida and Annie will meet you at the local allotments, collect vegetables, herbs and wild edible weeds, to return to the library where we will  explore techniques for ancient vegetable soup stocks as made from preserves like Herbes Salles, lettuce kvass and brines from fermented greens.   We will also  discuss global ways of using greens in salads, stews and much much more.

This is a workshop in which collaboration is welcomed! Come and share knowledge and skills and let’s imagine and talk about what  “Food Commons” might mean.  All are welcome.

Workshop will start at Šilainių sodai allotment at 4pm (Žaibo g., Kaunas, 48297) for harvest gathering. Food workshop will start at 5pm in Šilainių library kitchen (Baltų pr. 51, Kaunas, 48231). Workshop language – English with a translation into Lithuanian.

Please register for the workshop as spaces are limited: https://forms.gle/GXBCttQidLhePWzo8