03.02.24, 17:00 – 03.02.24, 17:30

Eggland – participatory performance by i0 xen0, Elisa Lemma, Dorota Grajewska 

@ Toni-Areal, Orgelsaal, Ebene 7, Raum K06 

“Take a surreal journey, meet a strange creature, find a common tongue through tactile sound, and emerge with – perhaps – an expanded perspective on the rhythms and cycles as in nature wholly, so in each individual organism. Participatory performance for voice and organ.” – i0 xen0 @xn_ze_ro (direction, performance) Elisa Lemma @hiddeninplainsight_sonata (organ) Dorota Grajewska @dorota.grajewska (digital fabrication) 

Part of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”