04.02.24, 11:00 – 04.02.24, 12:00

Improvising Access, for now - participatory workshop by Freedom Studies

@ Toni-Areal, Viaduktraum 2.A05, Ebene 2 (street entrance), Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Zürich
“Freedom Studies (Letitia, Rose and Ella) will be hosting a participatory workshop which aims to learn with Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to explore questions around access, disability justice, and interdependent ways of living and being together. It will ask: how can we learn to practice transformation at personal and social levels? What does it look like to create conditions for embodied comfort that enable participation? How can we co-create containers to rehearse prefigurative ways of being? Embodying new practices and actions, this workshop aims to foster personal and systemic transformation. Through experiential improvisational methods, we’ll collectively address how social conditions shape us and how we, in turn, shape them.
This workshop will be a space of collective and embodied (un)learning in how to increase our spectrum of available choices, challenging established norms that govern our bodily expressions and interactions. In the spirit of response-ability, as defined by Karen Barad, participants will be offered the opportunity to engage in thoughtful choices, emphasising the capacity to choose intentional responses beyond capitalist and ableist constraints. We are curious to discover – what happens when a group of people tries together?” 

Image by Mary Barnes. Untitled, no date. Oil on board. Image reproduced courtesy Falkland Estate. www.falklandestate.co.uk