14.11.23, 18:00 – 14.11.23, 20:00

Public Teaching Session: Interdependent Systems, Community Economies in Culture and Education

What type of informal economies already exist within forms of learning? How do our interdependencies relate to accessible education? How do we make existing practices of care sustainable in (non-)institutional infrastructures?

This discussion will curiously engage with alternative ways of learning and caring within (non)institutional settings and groups. 

This session is hosted by the Yellow Focus Group and includes:
> Potpuri: How to (not) live precariously as a collective learner? (Ardita Avdija, Adelina Ismaili, Diona Kusari, Njomza Dragusha, Endrit Tasholli, Era Qena, Shpat Shkodra, Toska Salihu)
> The Short Big, Podcast Series (Mariana Neves, Urjuan Toosy)
> Learning from Volkshochschule: collaborating on accessible design education (Peter Hermans, Sanna Schiffler, Marion Kliesch)
> Freedom Studies (Letitia Calin and Ella Asheri)
> Catwings, The good enough host: pragmatic tools for idealistic practices (Theresa Zwerschke and Steph Joyce)

Please join us via Zoom here.