11.07.24, 18:00 – 11.07.24, 19:00

Kitchen Session with ‘Co-Making Matters: Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration and Commons-Based Learning in Urban Environments’

Join via Zoom!

‘Co-Making Matters is a multidisciplinary platform at Haus der Statistik, Berlin, that aims to foster collaborations and partnerships among practitioners from different fields. The project offers a space for exhibitions, discussions, and hybrid events and operates across multiple segments, including making, collaborating, hosting, and linking. Co-Making Matters provides a supportive environment for site-specific projects and temporary interventions, with the goal of creating long-lasting partnerships. The platform is designed to promote cross-disciplinary thinking and encourages open communication, exchange, and learning.

Co-Making Matters aims to investigate how commons-based learning principles and methodologies can enhance cross-disciplinary cooperation in urban environments, fostering creativity and shared knowledge. Through collaborations, Co-Making Matters intends to explore how temporary interventions and site-specific projects can create a sense of community and facilitate knowledge-sharing in diverse urban landscapes, with a focus on inclusivity.’