06.06.24, 18:00 – 06.06.24, 19:00

Kitchen Session with Pattern Greens

“Eat your Greens. Would not most of our elders have urged this?

PATTERN GREENS explores the ways that people around the world cook with leafy green vegetables, in categories of dishes conceived as “patterns,” soups, for instance, or egg dishes, or stews. In the vast sweep of human cooking, these categories are understood as fluid and overlapping, intercultural and generative. One aim of Pattern Greens is to begin to document the global treasure-trove of approaches, and to facilitate this happening in many voices, and in different media, across written, digital, and live, co-created event platforms.”
Annie Levy, is a cook and food activist living in MidWales, gathering nettles, growing Rainbow Chard, cooking, experimenting, learning and teaching.