20.06.24, 19:00 – 20.06.24, 20:00

Kitchen Session with 'poetic tactics to counter extraction (and other ways to train attention)'

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‘The project ‘aims to bring together a body of work that aims to answer the question: how do we counter the embodied ethos of extraction? how can we gather existing techniques – and develop new ways of engaging with our bodies to combat extraction’s effects? how can the metaphor of poetry can be used to combat the abstraction of datafication? when physical extraction is constitutive of digital culture, as well as a pervasive ethos and social norm, what role can poetry (and poetic tactics) play?

Drawing from Mindy Seu and Ursula Le Guin’s notion of gathering, this project will gather, connect, and co-create a collection of ‘poetic tactics’ that aim to combat the embodied nature of extraction at multiple scales: from that of the individual to the broader work that sustains social movements…”

Anne Lee Steele, Anthropologist and artist based in London, UK. She has worked on a number of projects at the intersection of open knowledge and internet infrastructure at a variety of organisations, including with the Internet Society, Open Knowledge Foundation, and Wikimedia Deutschland. Currently, she is an Artistic Research Fellow at the School of Commons, based at the Zurich University of the Arts as well as serves as a Community Manager for The Turing Way Project, an open access resource for data scientists and researchers. Previously, she pursued an ethnographic study of the OpenStreetMap community, and how maps are made in humanitarian crises.