09.05.24, 18:00 – 09.05.24, 19:00

Kitchen Session with Shaking Barriers

“The main focus of Shaking Barriers is to make visible and politicise barriers that people face in the art world by hearing the voices of those directly affected. Namely, barriers to their access to education, the recognition of their cultural practices and the development of their work practices.
Shaking barriers recognises that people’s barriers to participatory access to the arts are intersected by economics, territory, language, gender, ethnicity, disability, class, etc. Shaking Barriers therefore raises the fundamental question of how coordination can be achieved in a structure composed of a large number of actors that aspires to be radically democratic.”
Julian Pavesi, Swiss artist, who’s interest lies in a field of activism, education and art as social action.
Ana Tijeras, Artist based in Ecuador who has specialized in innovative education.
Mira Tyrina, Curator currently based in Zürich, who’s main topic is art as a tool of oppression in totalitarian and authoritarian societies.
Irma Müller, Swiss human geographer with interest and experience in radically democratic structures.
Online via Zoom
Find out more about the project on our website: https://www.schoolofcommons.org/labs/shaking-barriers/