08.12.21, 18:00 – 08.12.21, 19:00

Workshop: Open Open Call

Eligibility Criteria (and beyond) is running a collective writing workshop called Open Open Call. In this workshop, we will collectively write a call for participation with one criterion in mind: anyone can apply.

In the first half of the workshop, participants will be given cues to think about who is neglected in the categorisation of eligibility criteria, and reflect on how this neglect affects the production of new art works. In the second half, participants will collectively imagine what an open open call looks like, and write about which text should go in an inclusive open call.

Text documentation of the workshop will form a collective open open call, which will be published alongside utopic open calls created by the artists at Eligibility Criteria (and beyond) lab at School of Commons.

The workshop will take place online at Variapad, a web-based collaborative real-time editor. We will not see or hear each other, we will communicate via text only.

To join –> Link

8th December 18:00-19:00 Central European Time