12.10.21, 17:00 – 26.10.21, 19:00

Participating the Participatory: online collective reading

Have you ever asked yourself/Are you also asking yourself where and how participatory practices happens and you want to dive into them with us? 

Then, please join our online event on 12 October at 17:00 CET to do a short collective reading that addresses our research, questions, and findings on participation so far. During some intentional silent pauses we invite you to add your inputs while you can always step in and out whenever you feel comfortable and relevant, or shift the conversation into new directions. We would like to keep it as an engaging and reflective event, thus the amount of participants is limited to 10. So please subscribe in advance using this link and we will send you the email with the link. The event will last for a maximum of 2 hours and if you can’t make it to this one, you can take a chance to subscribe for the one on 26th of October at the same time. 

And here is a little teaser on our thoughts of participation: 

Participatory practices involve a range of techniques and activities, all of which aim to transfer power from the maker/creator/researcher to the participants, who are often members of the community in a particular context. In such contexts, participants have control over the components as well as the, so-called “outcomes” of the project. Therefore, participatory projects rely heavily on the input from the participants. Such projects are not limited to producing art or design objects as an “outcome”. Instead, we see them as lively interactions between participants, contents, objects and the space. By paying more attention to the process rather an “outcome” perceived as an art or design object, our procedure leads to less conventional art and design projects that focus more on the social aspects.