03.05.24, 17:00 – 03.05.24, 21:00

Participatory workshop and community dinner in Berlin

Location: Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit, Berlin

Participatory brainstorming workshop to develop our network and explore collaborative support methods in a playful and engaging manner. The workshop is followed by a community dinner where all ingredients are provided, focusing on strengthening connections within the SoC community.
We also invite you to participate digitally via the Alumn* MIRO Board or in person. Reflect on ‘commoning’ and your vision for the Alumn* network. RSVP here: https://forms.gle/BqR9MNUT4eNnMVT26

The dinner (7:30-9 PM) is hosted by the NNM initiative and brings SoC Alumn* and NNM communities together to share food, explore ideas, and meet each person interested in community work. NNM initiative is a non-profit association in Berlin that offers a daily program with a focus on offering a platform for social and artistic exchange and learning together. Its program includes intercultural meetings, language tables, cooking together, and artistic workshops for refugee communities, guests, and locals of Berlin.