26.10.23, 12:00

PODPAST Futures of Arts Education

Tune in to access time-space zones from both near and far and hear the hottest takes on the presents, pasts, and futures of arts education…

PODPAST Futures of Arts Education travels to listeners directly from the year 2045, to make an in-depth exploration into arts education systems, structures, functions, forms and futures.

Hosted by Gigi, an ever-curious archivist with a lifelong interest in arts education, in conversation with a broad range of guests from across disciplines, backgrounds and time spaces, this podcast explores the pasts, presents and futures of arts education. All to discuss alternative modes, structures and methods for learning, teaching and instituting, that recall and re-centre historically marginalised ways of working.

PODPAST Futures of Arts Education is produced by School of Commons in the context of the FAST45 project (Futures Art School Trends 2045).

Moderation: Amy Gowen as fictional character Gigi
Audio Production: Ingwio d’Hespeel, Markus Stürm
Sound Design: PRIOLEAU, Xenorama
Conception & Production: Lea Minow, and Amy Gowen with the support of the School of Commons team
Cover Design: Xenorama

Excited to listen? PODPAST – Futures of Arts Education will be released weekly, each Thursday from this Thursday!

The podcast is accessible on Mixcloud, Spotify and Deezer.