10.11.23, 15:00 – 10.11.23, 17:00

Salt Traces

On November 10, Salt Traces will open up space for the exchange of stories and knowledge around seas, rivers, lakes, and food in the context of climate change at Porto Design Biennale. The idea is to collect and share stories on the subject. You can join the happening in Porto via the telegram channel where a streaming chat and sharing will take place between 4-6 PM WET. You can bring in your stories about the sea and food, and you will get to hear stories of people in Porto. The chat will provide more of an explanation on the day, and some prompts for conversation. The stories will build up into a series of newsletters that will also become a publication in the next months. You can read more about the idea behind collecting these stories here and look into the newsletter archive to date here.
Salt Traces is a collective of artists and researchers, exploring interrelations between water bodies, food, and communities in the backdrop of climate change. Our starting point is the Caspian Sea and the communities living around the Absheron peninsula and in the South of Azerbaijan. With this project, we aim to create a space for discussion and reflection on the perception of climate change and its impact on daily life through an exploration of food, recipes, and daily eating habits linked with the plummeting water levels at the Caspian. We believe that food is capable of opening up new venues for discussions and reflections around climate change, bringing into the discourse the voice of the communities impacted by it. “