15.01.22, 16:00 – 15.01.22, 18:00

Seeds in conversation - A trans-territorial dialogue about seeds, care and resistance

PlanteSorcières meets Ñaña Raquel Marillanca (Pewenmapu, Chile) and Seedbiblioteek (South Africa) to speak and share about practices of seed gathering, understanding them as spaces to collect and connect personal stories, memories and popular knowledge, and also as a way of resistance against transnational politics of biogenetic diversity privatization and a fight for food sovereignty.

We are very pleased to invite you to this transgenerational dialogue which will bring together the experiences and knowledge of women who live in distant territories.


You can participate via zoom through this link:
or via YouTube at this page:

Seed Biblioteek is a seed library highlighting the story of seeds, created by the artist and researcher Zayaan Khan who works through land and food from a multidisciplinary perspective, forwarding sociopolitical, ecological and spiritual political perspective.

The project is reconnecting seed with story, towards resilience & sovereignty.

Raquel Marillanca Loncopan is an intercultural educator and prominent leader of the Mapuche community “Manuel Marillanca” of Maichin LLafa (Araucanía, Chile). She belongs to the movement of Las Guardianas del Territorio de Curarrehue, Council of Lonko and is co-founder of the Walüng Fair.