03.02.24, 14:00 – 03.02.24, 15:00

The Good Enough Host – listening session with Catwings (hybrid)* 

Toni-Areal, Viaduktraum 2.A05, Ebene 2, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Zürich

“During the SoC Assembly, Catwings will present a live radio show and share a few audio assemblages installed in a cozy corner in the exhibition space. Each episode is bursting with conversations, readings from theoretical texts and sonic tidbits emerging from the research project, The Good Enough Host, and is guided by a single theme, be it the role of disagreement within manifestos of collectives or anti-hierarchal approaches to relational practices. These themes presented themselves during the research process as commonalities and shared experiences among various practitioners, all of whom are working within, around or near the parameters, potentials and limitations of self-organized structures in art and culture.” – Catwings

*hybrid events can be attended via this Zoom link

Part of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”