09.05.24, 00:00

Today’s Kitchen Session with ‘House it going’ is currently being rescheduled, new details coming soon!

“Access to housing is a fundamental aspect of our lives, shaping our living conditions and connection to the city we inhabit. The right to housing is not only a matter of social justice but also takes on new urgency in the face of the climate crisis, which exacerbates the pressing global housing crisis. This crisis is intricately linked to the environmental impact of housing and construction, including skyrocketing land prices, the financialization of the real estate market, migration patterns, and rising construction costs. However, in this era of climate crises, we must question the sustainability of our construction practices, given that the construction industry is responsible for about 40 percent of total raw material consumption and generates a staggering 88 million tons of CO2 emissions annually in Germany alone.” —
Angelika Hinterbrandner, (she/her) is an architect and journalist, working in a variety of roles, formats, and collaborations within and beyond the field of architecture.
Laura Margarete Bertelt, (she/her) is an architect and urban designer and understands spatial planning as a political practise.
Ulrich Kneisl, (he/him) is an architect who is currently working on the transformation of existing buildings with the focus on housing.
This project is a collaboration with the spaceforfuture network.