03.02.24, 13:00 – 03.02.24, 17:00

“Wild River: prelude" – live installation by Jasmine Alakari & Riccardo Acciarino

13:00 – 14:00 @ Toni-Areal, Orgelsaal, Ebene 7, Raum K06

16:00 – 17:00 @ Toni-Areal, Orgelsaal, Ebene 7, Raum K06

“This remarkable installation represents a sensory experience resulting from the collaboration between the internationally renowned institutions MONOM Studio, Sentient, LIOS Labs, and Pietro Dossena, composer and professor at the Conservatorio L. Canepa of Sassari, under the curation of Riccardo Acciarino and Jasmine Alakari. The main objective of the installation is to harness and transform sounds originating from the last Europe’s pristine rivers. Utilizing advanced technology from MONOM Studio and SABRE GmbH, these unique sounds have been captured and dynamically manipulated in real-time, culminating in a truly distinctive auditory and interactive experience.

At the core of the installation lies a sophisticated auto-generative process employing a modular synthesizer to amalgamate the river sounds with Pietro Dossena’s musical and creative composition. This fusion gives birth to a spatialized soundscape, constantly evolving with changing nuances, projected to last approximately 2 to 3 hours. However, what truly sets this experience apart is the opportunity provided to the audience for active interaction with the installation. Through the use of gyroscopic sensors, visitors will have the ability to manipulate and control the spatialization of sounds, enabling real-time interaction with the music, and fostering a completely immersive and personalized experience.

In addition to the auditory component, the installation also features a captivating visual projection of the involved rivers, creating an engaging and multi-sensory experience, and spontaneous musical interactions by live musicians.” – Jasmine Alakari & Riccardo Acciarino