a cyber room of our own

“A cyber room of our own” began as a participatory process in order to form an online archive of memories that emerge from our bodies. Following the concept of “archive trouble” as conceived by D.Papanikolaou , we intend to create an open archive that offers a space to re-collect, re-understand and re-construct (personal) history. We call people to participate in order to form a space where we co-exist sharing our vulnerabilities, inner world and body memories.


As a LEARN (Learning Environment And Research Nucleous) of School of Commons our aim is to explore theoretical aspects of the project, like feminist theory, body politics and cyberspace, with a main focus on how to process theory in personal ways. It is important for us that we develop a certain learning methodology based on horizontal procedures and a learning by doing approach. Our main focus is to put experience in the center of our learning procedure.


After launching an open call, we created a mailing list with the people that were interested to participate. Since then we meet regularly (once a week) to share & discuss theory & practices that we find interesting and relatable.We experiment with different participatory processes, while trying to imagine new ways of connecting and opening up to each other, exposing vulnerable sides of ourselves, learning from each other and archiving our journey through pieces of theory, artistic practices and personal experiences that we feel relatable.Using a variety of media and platforms,we try to explore new hybrid-forms of performing in the post-digital era, trying to create a space that our little community could call “a cyber room of our own “.




Katerina Maganiari , Architect & new media artist. Her research focuses on poetics of the everyday, transmedia & geo-locating storytelling, participatory art & urban commons, exploring collective memory & personal history in the urban environment.

Rallou Karella, Dance artist. Her main interests revolve around improvisation, movement and body politics.

Jasmin Schädler , media artist, director, performer and researcher. The overarching subject of her work is the questioning of knowledge hierarchies.