All Life Is Interconnected


Fungi have many teachings to offer.
A teaching of life and death.
Of circularity. Of interconnectedness.
Of developing strategies and tools of overcoming.
They teach us beauty in decay and the
importance of reprocessing.

They grow from rotten substance,
in disturbed ecosystems
and radioactive environments.

How? and what if we understood how they do it?
Us living in a capitalist, classist, oppressive system.
An imbalanced and lacking system.
Don’t we need to know how they do it?

Have we entered the Anthropocene or is it still the Holocene?
We don’t know and neither are we looking for an answer

Other Than Human Entity is an attempt
to take away from our importance,
to shift from anthropocentric views
and acknowledge
different strategies. ways of living, reproducing, multiplying, expanding, digesting, fighting, swallowing, communicating, interacting, birthing and passing.

In order to understand and venerate
those ways of Otherness
we will be letting the mycelium run.
In our lab. It’s a small lab
and most of the things were built by ourselves.
There’s a red curtain with yellow flowers covering the window
which has to stay tilted.
Fresh air for the mushrooms.



Other Than Human Entity, emerged as a teacher in times of imbalance – shortly before the Grand Standstill. They passed through institutions in the fields of geospheric and cosmic sciences and after our vanishing, the Entity will still be simultaneously teaching and acquiring knowledge