Baustelle und Botanik – Chantier et Botanique

For building sites are transitory spaces, in between time, but also forms. ‘Nature’, landscapes, pristine or hybrid, are shaped in the process of constructing. Our aim is to explore the way textures are literally and metaphorically stirred in a building site, and to explore the way it brings disorder upon the land to implement new orderings. We will consider the beings living onto a ground temporarily transformed into a wasteland, its particular ecosystem at the edge of civilization – where civilization comes into action, and being, but whose representative do no dwell in. We will pay particular attention to the archeology of the building site, a place associated with archeologic exploration itself, yet whose own formation has much to say of our societies visions, desires, and muted mechanics.

This LEARN is part of the TETI – Textures and Experiences of Transindustriality – group’ s research on nature and the city, and aims to bring together artists, historians, scientists and curators to explore the hidden facets of our societies’ building sites.


Anne-Laure Franchette

Gabriel Gee

TETI Group