border space: europe

The research on border space in europe focuses on the space between national-states. 
It encompasses three dimensions: the physical border/border architecture, the legal framework governing the space, and the practical execution of the law within that space. 
The research involves collecting information and look at the dimensions of spatial formation in a differentiated way in order to then understand connections and entanglements. 
The project seeks to unveil the arbitrary nature of borders and border politics, decode the practices that justify and materialise them. 
Aim of this work is to visually present and analyse the collected information using critical mapping techniques. Mapping is considered a suitable tool for visually connecting the different border dimensions, providing insights and a deeper understanding of their complexities.


rahel stange, rahel is a berlin-based person, questioning identity and politics while getting lost in it. to escape this they are always in search of people and situations of togetherness.