living library of becomings


“living library of becomings” is a research and performative library project dedicated to the multiple artistic narrations from intersectional, queer, and decolonial feminist perspectives, with an attempt to create a platform in which such voices and texts are shared in tactile and performative ways.

Key questions are: how can the method of library-making and archival practice be collaborative to challenge the canonical systematisation, categorisation and languages? How can intersectional feminist spirits be shared as a living library while embracing the physical bodily experiences with textual materials?

With these questions, the learning period in the SoC framework will be spent to research and collect artistic publications or text- or audio-based materials in various forms, to research and interviews with practitioners who engage in the decolonial feminist archive and libraries, and to develop a digital platform. The project seeks alternative modes of knowing as a communal and collective practice that resists the ongoing colonial system of knowledge production to explore a platform as a decentralised time-space of (un)learning that be with the past, the present to the future of intersectional feminist endeavours.


Miwa Negoro is a curator and researcher based in Berlin and Vienna who works at the intersection of art and performing arts. With her interests in the discourse of performativity, decolonial thinking and re-narration of histories, Negoro’s curatorial practice aims at encouraging the fluidity of transcultural, non-binary conditions in the global present. She also writes about architecture, space and gender.