Ongoing Manifesto of Radical Dependency

Ongoing Manifesto of Radical Dependency is a project that didn’t start with School of Commons, but is rather a continuation of a long process of thinking, collaborating, and doing alongside artists, researchers, and other collaborators. “Radical Dependency” is a made up term that will hopefully lead to more made up terms. The SoC limb of this project project will begin, or continue, with defining what “Radical Dependency” is or can be. This research action is a response to the lonely illusion of an untethered individual, enforced by neoliberal mantras for independent labour and success with an origin in colonial exploitation and societal oppression. Radical Dependency responds: no one works alone, and no work is produced solely by one.

Ongoing Manifesto of Radical Dependency will manifest in public conversations and collective exercises (hosted both digitally and virtually, and communicated via School of Commons and Available & The Rat, a project space in Rotterdam) that ask: How can lineages of information be held alternatively to pre-imposed Western modes of archival and citational systems? What collective research methods can move towards transparent revision and accumulation, and how can they shape new forms of living archives? How can methods of publishing maintain the potential for revision, addition, and reclamation? and, How can an eternally “ongoing work” be published?