Parasites at Work (PaW)


Parasites at work focus on alternative narratives and methods that try to shed light on the invisible beings in cultural institutions, prioritizing Natural History Museums. The project aims to study how rejected bodies are treated in these institutions and expose their abjection techniques, such as bio-security and disinfestation, which are not thoroughly investigated in humanities. Following this recognition, the project proposes an alternative position; the abjected bodies become the story’s protagonist.

Assaf Gruber, The Conspicuous Parts, film stills, 2018, Naturkundemuseum Berlin, © Hwa Ja Götz, MfN.



Gözde Filinta, is a cultural producer with a master's degree in art history and curating. She likes to initiate and lead research-based creative projects, collaborating with international artists and researchers. She is genuinely interested in post-human discourses in curating, nonhuman agency in arts, interspecies relationships, urgent planetary issues and fictional storytelling.

Beatrice Zaidenberg, is a MA Art History student at Humboldt University Berlin. Beatrice’s training in the world of art has taught her that a lack of curiosity about nonhuman agents is the foundation of hierarchical systems, binary thinking and the division between art and science. To overcome this critical division, Beatrice tries to give the invisible and 'Other' a voice in her publications, speculative design projects and art education projects.