Unsustainable Elements

Unsustainable Elements is a project dedicated to the topic of forming an art collective as a social element actively influencing modern society. The research is focused on how the art collectives in Europe were historically formed, how they survived unsustainable times and changing political regimes, how they reacted differently to social shifts, and why some of them fell apart, and some of them existed for a long time. The thing this project tents to realize through the research is what can be a place of contemporary transdisciplinary art collective place in modern society and how it should be able to find out ways to react to political and social events and changes.

Two primary questions are raised here:

  • How an art collective can exist in capitalist societies by being aware of it and of its own position?
  • How should an art collective act in unsustainable societies and act as an active social element, as an impulse for structural changes?

Translating research into practice is a crucial point of this project, but the form of the final contribution would appear and construct during the long way of searching for answers to the main questions.