Band of Burnouts

Zine Release Radio Show

Celebrating the release of our zine in audio form.

This radio show celebrates the release of the Band of Burnout research lab’s publication. Thank you to all the contributors to our rad zine – every single piece is unmissable.


  1. ‘Success, Burnout & Politics of Rest’ by Anabel Roque Rodríguez
  2. ‘When I Was 18 I Worked in a Bank’ by Nicolae Zamsa
  3. ‘StC Lives 51-61-74 – 01’ by St. Celfer
  4. ‘Quest of Questions Generating’ by Fadiah Wadud
  5. ‘Monologue B’ by Alkistis Voulgari


Moira Brown, St Celfer, Isa Fontbona, Sophie Hoyl, Alda Reiter, Anabel Roque Rodríguez, Francesca Steele, Leonor Veiga, Alkistis Voulgari, Fadiah Wadud, and Nicolae Zamsa.