Eligibility Criteria (and beyond)

Bureau of Commons

Bureau of Commons is a self-declared territory for authorisation. A performance-installation, the Bureau issues random authorisation for people who have the permission to circulate in the Bureau territory.

To be eligible to enter, you need to:

  • take a step.


Installing the Bureau

The performer enters the room with a tote bag filled with Bureau materials. First, the performer puts on blue plastic gloves and covers the floor with a blue plastic sheet to set the boundaries of the Bureau territory. Then, a black document case on four wheels is placed in the middle of the territory. Inside the document case, there is a pile of tangled rope with twelve ends. Each end crosses over one wheel and is tied to a golden-blue coloured pencil. The performer takes the pile out of the document case and places each tangled rope on the floor, forming a circle. Then, the performer untangles each rope one by one, until each pencil is freed from entanglement. Once the Bureau is installed, the performer takes out a pile of paper and starts handing them out to people, inviting them to step in the Bureau territory.

Performing with the Bureau


Bureau of Commons operates on any territory depending on the performer’s freedom of movement. Currently, the Bureau is allowed to enter to the Schengen Area multiple times until September 2022.

Zürich, Pfingstweidstrasse 96

Bureau of Commons was open on 17.09.2021 in Zürich, strictly between 17:00-18:00 local time.


If you are interested in hosting an edition in your city, please get in touch at betulaksu@protonmail.com

Inspired by

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