The boudoir, the desk & the couch : Histories, practices and speculations on labour

5. Just Do It

This chapter explores the blurred boundaries between work and leisure entangling the sources of the social, political and cultural stigma of leisure as laziness. The couch as symbol of both idleness and exhaustion intersects with cultural imaginaries of unemployment, decadent aristocrats and mental illness. From the rest cure to the work cure, psychotherapy and medication treating burnout, work has been the pharmakon for exhaustion, presented both as its cause and its antidote.

Image reference: Pieter Jalhea Furnius Luiheid, “Zeven doodzonden”, 1550-1625.


* a clip that is used in 12’11” contains a racial slur


00’00”  Pete Seeger “Eight-Hour Day”

01’33”    Dolly Parton “9 To 5” 

02’35”  Quoted from E. Kerr, “Eight Hours Too Many?” in Abolish Work, 2000  p.38

03’08”  Clip from CBS, “Chinese workers are starting to rebel against “9-9-6” culture” 

04’15”   Michael Gray “The Weekend” 

05’06”  Billy Bragg and The Blokes “St Monday”

06’25”  The Bangles “Manic Monday” 

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09’37”  Quoted from Schaffner Anna Katharina, Exhaustion: A History, 2016  p.36

10’40”  Van Morrison “All work and no play”

12’11”   Clip from Joel and Ethan Coen, The Big Lebowski, 1998

13’33”  The Silhouettes “Get a Job”

15’32”   Nixon Discusses Welfare, 1968 

17’52”  Macka B “The Unemployment Blues” 

19’36”  Karl Marx, “Different Forms of the Relative surplus population. The General Law of Capitalistic Accumulation” chapter 25, section 4 Capital Volume One read by Roozbeh Seyedi

21’47”  Rihanna “Work” 

22’55”   Quoted from Joseph Townsend, A Dissertation on the Poor Laws, 1786

23’58”  Eddie Cochran “Nervous Breakdown”

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27’19”  Wiz Khalifa “Work Hard Play Hard”

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31’20”  LaBeouf, Ronko, Turner “Just Do It (Make Your Dreams Come True)” [Ultimate Remix]

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42’10”  The Clash “Career Opportunities”

42’59”  Quoted from Peter Frase, “Redefininig Work” 


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