The boudoir, the desk & the couch : Histories, practices and speculations on labour

3. Looks like harmonizing growth and desire is gonna be a tricky business

From 1960’s utopian re-imaginings of the house of the future, to Wages Against Housework, this chapter explores the versatile and invisible character of female labour. We depart from the boudoir as a space to allow oneself “to feel", to find inner peace, away from the emotional, social and sexual labour required from the 17th century aristocratic woman. Through explorations of ejaculatory prayers, hedonistic luxury, lesbianism and prostitution as refusal to work and Marx’s economic vampires, we will dive into the domestic, the familial, the conjugal as well as the labour to remain desirable while emotionally and sexually available.

Image reference: “The Studio” by Sophie Gengembre Anderson



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06’26”  Clip from 1999 House of Tomorrow

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29’30”  Britney Spears  “Work B**ch”


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