Parasites at work (PaW) works in two stages; EXPOSE and SUGGEST, which will be translated into one publication. 

EXPOSE is the first stage to show the rejecting structure of cultural institutions, in two public museum tours, one in the Naturkunde Museum Berlin and the other in Zoologisches Museum Zürich. The tours will be led by experts affiliated with these institutions. The tours will focus on the control mechanisms such as mapping body movements, preservation and biosecurity methods, and visual warnings. Further, in collaboration with curators, artists, and various participants, the guided tours will continue with an open dialogue between participants to share their impressions.  

The second stage will SUGGEST an alternative narrative in the form of a public exhibition, collaborating with artists who work with similar topics. The exhibit will develop a different display method in which the rejected others will be in the center of attention for full visibility. The proposed narrative will carry the potential to change the story from hostility to hospitality, where the other becomes the protagonist. Particular artists and works which address different forms of co-presence are inspirational; Pierre Huyghe (Umwelt, 2011), Assaf Gruber (The Conspicuous Parts, 2018), and Robert Zhao Renhui (Useful Nature, Useless Nature, 2017).

An extensive publication will be prepared from the first stage’s outcomes, EXPOSE, and proposed works from the second stage, SUGGEST. The publication will involve academic articles and several artworks, illuminating tales of encounter. The publishing will be accessible online and stimulate alternative scenarios and co-existence methods with the non-human. The publication is expected to open the discussion to a broader audience for future collaborations and inspirations.