Figuring It Out



I guess I feel like
there’s this thing where you kind of figure

let’s get together to see
how we can figure it out

let’s get together to see
how we can work it out

let’s get together to see
how we can get out of this

and we’re interested in the
moment at which this kind of weird
inkling or transformation
might begin to occur
in which you realize that what
we’ve been trying to
figure out how to get to
is how we are when we get together
to try to figure it out.

I’m saying when we get to figure
when we get together to figure it out
we are doing something.

now the question is
how do we extend that

how do we defend it
how do we protect it right
how do we value it, and if not value it,
how do we understand what that is okay

cuz my my
sense of it is that
when we’re trying to figure it out they
just don’t seem to like it very much but
we just get together, you know

at the same time that they
don’t like it they love it they want to
eat it they want to steal it and keep it
and lock it up and sell it and cut it up
into pieces and replicate so like I said
they can’t live with it
they can’t live without it

we can live with it
we can’t live without it .