Sobremesa / After dinner

 The “sobremesa” is a period of rest and relaxation, which in some countries (Spain) usually occurs immediately after the meal (in particular, lunch). It begins after dessert is served and usually lasts from half an hour to a full hour. During the summer and holiday periods, these after-dinner meals tend to be longer.

It is usually a time when diners socialize with each other without leaving the table. Depending on the customs of the area or country, coffee, tea or a small glass of liquor or aguardiente (a shot), or tobacco (in the form of a cigar) is usually served.

It is a period of time in which, due to digestion, physical exertion is avoided, allowing the diners to engage in conversation, generally covering various topics (after-dinner chats). Source: Wikipedia.

Sobremesa as a way of being together (hopefully not just as working) is proximity rituals rooted in Iberic culture.