The Corp-o-rate setting collection

by Kit Kuksenok


Warmup: it’s so easy to forget one another’s humanity. Before talking about tasks, take some time to talk about some book someone read.


Cooldown: Take a walk around the block or go outside for a moment, especially after a heated group discussion. Like a cigarette break, cigarettes optional. It gives space to work out disagreements on technical or political matters but still be connected as people and as a team.


Warmup/Cooldown: any sort of movement or stretching, really. Especially with computer work, we move so much less than feels good.


Cooldown: Take a breath and say “I feel …”


Cooldown: Empty your brain: write down anything that is still hanging, or unresolved. Write it down somewhere you trust (a special notebook or a special private document at work) as a little “letter to your future self” – maybe for tomorrow or for a week or a month or a year from now.