The Noisy Playtime warmup

by Jess Henderson



This warmup is designed to let us play and smile. Usually I prefer to warm up in my analog ways, however this warmup achieves a great sense of play by way of a digital tool. We use a timer to help induce guilt-free, maximum freedom playtime. 


For this warmup, we will make use of the Patatap visual sound kit – made with animations by Jono Brandel and sounds by Japanese electronic duo Lullatone (Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida.)



  1.     Have a timer ready by your computer (either set one online or use your phone or watch. Set it to countdown for 5 minutes, but don’t start it yet. 
  2.     Open the Patatap website on your computer and make sure you have your sound on to a level that’s comfortable. Do this in a new window with no other open tabs. 
  3.     Press go on your 5 minute countdown timer, and go onto the Patatap window and start playing!
  4.     Play freely with the melodies and moving shapes for the full 5 minutes. Even if you feel like stopping, be sure to keep playing until the time is up. Allow yourself to get lost in the flow of the playtime and smile along the way.


Tip: Experiment with using the space bar to change tone.


  1.     When the timer is up, lay on the floor like a starfish and close your eyes ‘playing back’ the animations behind your eyelids ­– with a deliberate smile on your face. Pay subtle attention to the breath and make any stretches your body is calling for. 
  2.     When you’re ready, say out loud to yourself ‘The warmup is now complete’ and move to the task you’ve warmed up to do.