05.10.23, 18:00 – 05.10.23, 20:00

Public Teaching Session: A Spoonful of Rest

Experience a journey into relaxation and communal care in ‘A Spoonful of Rest.’ Through the harmonious fusion of poetry, culinary delights, and music, we explore the art of rest and its transformation into a shared practice of nurturing. We contemplate the soothing power of words, the flavors and scents that beckon us to unwind, and the calming influence of repetitive actions like chopping.

In this immersive 2-hour hybrid event, taking place in Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, and online, we aim to defy the ceaseless pace of society by embracing rest as an act of resistance. Through guided psychosomatic exercises, we collectively decelerate, savor the act of communal dining, and gently remind one another to breathe.

To participate, kindly register via email and bring along a chopping board, a knife, some vegetables, and if possible, an extra pair of hands to evenly share the work (and rest) load.

Please be aware that this event will be recorded for audio purposes, with segments potentially used in a podcast exploring the theme of rest. If you possess a resting score, a soothing sound, or a restful ritual you’d like to contribute, we encourage you to bring it with you.

Our food-prep-and-sharing session is hosted by the Focus Group and includes the following projects in the 2023 SoC cohort:
> In the Eye of the Sea (Jara Nassar, Jamie McGhee)
> living library of becoming (Miwa Negoro)
> Dancing in front of the king (Pooya Kazemi, Erfan Safari)
> There, there
(Luise Willer, Lena Pozdnyakova, Germain Calsou, Anna Kücking, Sabrina Herrmann, Eldar Tagi, Maria Aus and other members of There, there working group)
> language (as a technology that) re-/animates (dis-/jointed) cartographies
(Monika Dorniak)
> Oyoun Curators* Lab
(Louna Sbou, Ihisa Theresa Adelio, Nina Martin, Dami Choi, Arjunraj)
> Post-structuralist Fun Pack
(Andrea Liu)

Join us here via Zoom

Published on 09/06/2023