15.12.23, 18:30 – 15.12.23, 22:00

Assembling toGetThere: foods, thoughts, and bodies staying together

Assembling to Get There is an event currently being organized at Neuenachbarschaft Moabit as part of the “Extended Kitchen” event series. Lena Pozdnyakova, from the There, there working group, is organizing the evening, featuring performing artists Maddi Fuente Ubani and Cristina Leoni Osion.

The evening revolves around the concept of “assembling” together to create a cozy, warm, and welcoming atmosphere on a Friday evening. Gathering around food not only nourishes our bodies but also fosters a sense of community, providing a space for rest and engagement, where people can come together to share experiences, stories, and cultures in a warm, inclusive atmosphere.
The scenography suggests preparation for winter, with the night planned to be filled with various forms of assembling – from modular-format foods to bodies engaging playfully with each other in movement and dance.
The modular format of Mexican food, traditionally an urban/street cuisine, accommodates diverse choices and personal preferences, offering an array of healthy ingredients that can be easily adapted to vegan options, as demonstrated during the evening’s event.

This event is an extension of the movement improvisation group sessions that Maddi Fuente Ubani hosts at Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Published 12/28/2023