12.02.22, 16:00

Buried Accomplices

Collective Worlding Game (audio-only)

by Carina Erdmann and Nick Koppenhagen 


The future is there … looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become. And from where they are, the past behind us will look nothing at all like the past we imagine behind us now. W. Gibson, Pattern Recognition


The Online LARP lets you reflect on your present through the lens of historic imaginaries of the future as well as speculative future visions of the past. The game is set in the world of E.M. Forster’s 1909 novella The Machine Stops in which humans have abandoned the surface of the Earth and live buried underground fully reliant on and connected in telepresence through a global machine. 

Leave behind the information excesses of today to deep dive into a dark age governed by corporate control and imposed amnesia. Suspended in scarcity you will scavenge for fragments and scan the footage that has survived collectively reconstructing your version of history. Let your mind wander into a search for meaning and the lurking risk of apophenia.

Reflecting the ubiquitous presence of apocalyptic scenarios in current media, which are often consumed from a safe distance, the embodied narrative explores paths of subversion and complacency letting players see through the eyes of those that live after the end of the world.

Which past future or future past will you choose to revive? 



Saturday, February 12th 

4pm to ~10pm CEST on discord (with breaks and a debrief)