29.07.23, 13:00 – 29.07.23, 17:00

Sonic Scavenging: Hidden Music In The Wild

“Sonic Scavenging: Hidden Music In The Wild” is a workshop organized by Lena Pozdnyakova and Eldar Tagi (of There, there working group). It is designed to open up the world of sound to children, offering them a unique opportunity to engage with their environment through auditory exploration. This workshop isn’t just about listening; it’s an immersive experience that heightens awareness and appreciation for the sounds that often go unnoticed in our daily lives.

In today’s fast-paced world, where screens often dominate our attention, this workshop serves as a crucial reminder of the richness of our sensory experiences. For children, who are at a pivotal stage of development, it’s especially important. With this, the workshop introduces them to a range of listening and practical creative games, which are not only enjoyable but also educational. These activities are designed to sharpen their auditory skills, helping them to discern subtle nuances in sound that they might otherwise overlook.

The benefits of such auditory engagement are manifold. Firstly, it enhances the participants’ attention to detail, making them more mindful and present in the moment. This increased mindfulness can lead to improved concentration and focus, skills that are beneficial at any age but particularly valuable for children in their academic and personal growth. Additionally to experiential component, the workshop encourages reflection and critical thinking. As children learn to identify and interpret various sounds, they begin to understand their environment more deeply. Together, these aspects of the workshop foster a sense of curiosity and wonder, driving them to ask questions and seek out new experiences.

One of the most important aspects in today’s world is in an environmental aspect to this auditory exploration. By tuning into the sounds of nature and their surroundings, children develop a stronger connection with the environment. This connection can nurture a sense of responsibility and care for the natural world, laying the groundwork for environmentally conscious behavior in the future.

Considering that the workshop, being as part of Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit program at Tegel See, is focused on work with children who come from an immigrant or refugee status, an addition to its educational value, “Sonic Scavenging” is about emotional development. Engaging with sound in such a direct and focused manner can be a soothing and therapeutic experience. It allows participants to express themselves creatively, which is crucial for emotional well-being.

The workshop is open to older participants too. For people of different ages, it offers a chance to rediscover the joys of listening and to break free from the often overwhelming visual and digital stimuli of everyday life. It reminds them of the importance of taking time to slow down and truly listen, fostering a sense of peace and tranquility.

A series of workshops at Tegelersee is an intrinsic part of the summer season at Strandbad Tegelersee program with events in the ARTECO project: Artistic Ecologies: New Compasses, Tools and Alliances.

Published on 12/28/2023