04.02.24, 17:00 – 04.02.24, 18:00

The story of touch – workshop with There, there working group

@ Toni-Areal, Viaduktraum 2.A05, Ebene 2, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Zürich 

“What’s the language of bodies? How do they listen, how do they speak? In an imaginative, fugitive and embodied practice we want to move thoughts and feelings. We want to read to each other, listen, envision stories and be in touch. There, there invites you to a series of reading sessions, where small groups practice slow and immersive reading of texts related to forms of solidarity and care through embodied practices, accompanied by a set of somatic rituals. In intimate small groups with interchangeable roles based on personal preferences, we will practice immersive reading and listening. Then we will assemble as a group and, driven by what was heard and felt before, we will use collective imagination to create a common poem.”  – Germain Calsou, Anna Kücking, Lena Pozdnyakova, Luise Willer, Sabrina Herrmann, Eldar Tagi, Maria Aus

Part of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”