Cuerpo-Brújula (Compass-Body), aims to explore the relationship between learning, perception and memory, taking as a starting point some body methodologies from the performing arts. Cuerpo-Brújula is a term used by the Brazilian author Suely Rolnik who proposes taking our bodies as guides, disobeying in some way the mandate of Western rationality that suspects the capacity of the senses and the information of the body to create knowledge. We take this idea, with the intention of focusing on the body and perception to generate ways to build collective learning. 


Our compass comprises exchange and coexistence between the performing arts, disruptive apprenticeships, neuro-psycho-education and epistemologies of the south. From this compass and this way of approaching the body, we ask ourselves, what arises from the encounter and tension between the established learning theories and the proposals that resemanticize perception, memory and, therefore, learning? What types of records and knowledge emerge from bodily experience that drives perception and expands memory to bring affectively learning? How could learning be the same as creating? What is the place of the body in our existence? 


Through the process of exploration, study and creation of the Cuerpo-Brújula we are interested in: 

1- Make the concept of learning close and affective (Does it embody the learning process?). 

2- Experience perception as a complex action.

3- Expand the concept of memory by trying different record possibilities. 


Thus, meetings will be held proposing a methodological mixture, where we alternate corporal practices with individual and collective recording techniques in which possibilities of creation and articulation of knowledge around the proposed theme will be displayed and systematized. In parallel to the meetings, we will conduct some interviews (dialogues) with professionals in art, education, social sciences and neurosciences.

Finally, we will make a digital publication that accounts for the process and the different activities carried out by Cuerpo-brújula, based on texts and images generated.


Daniela Mora Parra , Cultural Manager-Non Formal Educator-Actress

Vanessa De La O Jiménez , Mediator-Anthropologist-Dancer

Laura M Cordero Hidalgo , Theater Teacher-Psychopedagogue-Actress