Listen. Maybe I'm into you

Or maybe not. This is what we would like to find out – does our level of attraction towards partners manifest behaviorally in temporary vocal changes in pitch?

Voice is one of the rare mediums that can speak of itself. The human voice is not just a communication tool, but in its non-linguistic role, carries many other information like sex, age, health, body size, hormonal status and emotions. We are interested in carrying out a scientific research, while at the same time opening it up to unconventional and creative approaches, not just in terms of the visualization and display of our findings, but also in terms of the methodology used.

In our quest to position ourselves in relation to others, we sometimes display our motives intentionally while other times more unconsciously. The bodily cues that we do not fully control are interesting phenomena because they reveal much more than we are willing to admit even to ourselves. In the context of vocal attractiveness, many studies have been conducted because they are of interest in understanding human behavior and mate selection especially because vocal traits are linked to human sexuality and dimorphism. But they are often conducted in isolated, decontextualized settings. Our aim is to find ways of researching that would bridge this gap and make it possible to have a more natural and nuanced experimental setting.


Michelle Krähenbühl

Michael Reinhold

Juris Strangots

Maya Lama