The STAR Method

STAR Method –  Search. Talk. Analyze the Recording.


TRRA Method- Talk. Record. Rate. Analyze.

but we usually go by the name of the  STAR Method because it makes for a better acronym.

Explanation of the STAR Method

Looking for people,
Specifically two.
In a cafe during the day
Or in bars at night.
For conversations over coffee and beer
Or any other alcohol they prefer

Between two people
One phone in the middle
Recording what they literally say
And also subconsciously convey

For five minutes.
Then over.
Then one last question –
How much did you like her?
Or him? The partner.
Give 5 if mediocre.
Coz the scale is from 1 to 10.
So 10 if you want to meet again.

This private. Confidential.
Maybe uncomfortable.
But much needed.
For our experiment to be completed.

So that we can see what we can’t hear.
The subtle fluctuations in your voice
and how that corresponds with your attraction to the other.