Decolonial (re)mediators

A Manifesto for Undertranslation


You should try talking in my shoes for a mile —Sofia Vergara Nothing is lost in translation.

Everything was always already lost, long before we arrived. —A manifesto for Ultratranslation by Antena

  • Undertranslation es ir hasta abajo, a fuego, es playing reggeaton a las 2 de la mañana in a stoic bachata dancefloor
  • This manifesto is always under-translation 
  • Undertranslation is distributed authorship.
  • To undertranslate is to refuse the dominance of certain languages over others.
  • Undertranslating™️
  • Under_tra_n_s_latin_g is what’s hidden in the unconscious of every language
  • Undertranslation resists uniformity by rejecting the notion that translations must mirror the source text precisely—rather, it acknowledges the dynamism of language.
  • Undertranslation results in the production of gestures, signals, waves, interpretations, signs, movements, marks, codes, hieroglyphs, characters, marks, figures, symbols, marks.
  • Undertranslation refuses to alienate readers as it is an inclusive space.
  • Undertranslation emerges from the heterogeneity of voices. An undertranslated text can contain multiple genders, agents and consciousness. 
  • Undertranslation encourages rhythm, drawing, cadence, gesture and context.
  • Undertranslation opposes the reduction of translation to a mere transaction of words. Instead, it is a form that transcends the exchange of text, breathing life, ideas and emotions.
  • Undertranslation is definitely not oversimplifying, it does not omit, but it is not a mirror, means conveying less than the source or is, without considering 
  • Undertranslation does not believe in loss in meaning “that occurs naturally with any translation” 
  • Undertranslation is an experimental translation of ultratranslation.
  • Undertranslation was added to our personal dictionaries.
  • Undertranslatability is closer to piracy than to auratic originality.