D.I.W.O (Do it with others)

Commitment to exchanging, sharing and collaborating stems from a D.I.W.O (Do it with others) approach, which shifts power away from top-down initiations into co-produced, networked activities. 

The practice of DIWO allows space for an openness where a rich mixing of components from different sources, ideas, approaches, contexts, experiences and disciplines crossover to build a hybrid, communal experience. DIWO challenges and renegotiates the power roles of all involved and brings all actors to the fore. The ‘source’ materials brought into the project, and produced by the project are open to all; to remix, re-edit and redistribute, either within a particular DIWO event or project, or elsewhere.  

In DIWO process is as important as the outcome, forming relationally through peer-to-peer enactments and processes.