10.06.23, 19:00 – 30.06.23, 21:00

Reading between the lines: Hunting-Gathering

The title and the approach to show (in the art practice or living as an artist and cultural
worker under the conditions of capitalism to sustain a livelihood, hunting for projects, hustling
with ideas, and other things) refers to numerous levels of existence in the world. It is well
known that the hunting-gathering community lived in a better shape, embodied healthier
bodies, and were practicing various forms of activities interchangeably with other members
(agriculture was a great mistake, Robert Sapolsky says). Hunting-gathering, however, still
exists in art practices, approaches within sustainability, and community work.
But also, all of the works shown at the show and/or their parts have been “hunted-gathered.”

Excerpt from “Hunting-gathering”:

[….] Community hunting-gathering and community actors can
complement each other.

“The new model is transforming the role of hunting-gathering by modifying
their relationship with the users and their social context. That is determining the
way hunting-gathering activities are produced and the way hunting-
gathering spaces are designed. The future of our hunting-gathering is based
on four areas of action: hunting-gathering are spaces for discovering,
learning, creating and sharing. Every public hunting-gathering needs to
develop its own action plan based on their local social context.
In this framework, and also building on years of experience in the
development of activities linked with the environment, sustainability and our
territorial needs, hunting-gathering have started exploring new ways of
cooperative work in the last three years.

A very interesting link between hunting-gathering on the one
hand, and innovation & future-oriented thinking on the other,
are stories. Stories have the power to introduce and explore
new ideas within recognizable context. When it comes to
imagining how the future might look, how innovation,
technology and other evolutions impact the way our society will
evolve, stories are very powerful books. Fiction offers us a
tangible portal to all kinds of futures, and helps us to reflect
onn them, think about how they might and should look like, and
think about how we want to contribute to shaping them.
From this perspective, there is an obvious link between
the traditional role of hunting-gathering, and the future-
oriented community engaging activities that can take place
there. Making the connection [….]

Readings at Motto – on the course of the show, between the objects and between the lines

Curated by Liza Kin
Performance by Eldar Tagi
Closing performance by Eldar Tagi, Lena Pozdnyakova and HMOT

Published 07/01/2023