Co-Making Matters: Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration and Commons-Based Learning in Urban Environments

Co-Making Matters is a multidisciplinary platform at Haus der Statistik, Berlin, that aims to foster collaborations and partnerships among practitioners from different fields. The project offers a space for exhibitions, discussions, and hybrid events and operates across multiple segments, including making, collaborating, hosting, and linking. Co-Making Matters provides a supportive environment for site-specific projects and temporary interventions, with the goal of creating long-lasting partnerships. The platform is designed to promote cross-disciplinary thinking and encourages open communication, exchange, and learning.

Together with the School of Commons and the Cohort 2024, Co-Making Matters aims to investigate how commons-based learning principles and methodologies can enhance cross-disciplinary cooperation in urban environments, fostering creativity and shared knowledge. Through collaborations, Co-Making Matters intends to explore how temporary interventions and site-specific projects can create a sense of community and facilitate knowledge-sharing in diverse urban landscapes, with a focus on inclusivity.


Initially we plan:

Collaborative Workshops: Conduct hands-on, collaborative workshops that engage participants in cross-disciplinary activities. These sessions will provide practical insights into the implementation of commons-based learning principles in urban settings. 

Participatory Mapping: Utilize participatory mapping techniques to document urban spaces and collaborative initiatives. This method aims to identify patterns and opportunities for knowledge-sharing, emphasizing the unique characteristics of different urban landscapes.

Distributing the existing knowledge in different platforms: Implement online tools to facilitate global participation and collaboration. By overcoming geographical constraints, virtual platforms will enhance the accessibility of our initiatives, fostering a diverse and inclusive community.


Viviane Tabach, Viviane Tabach is a Brazilian curator, art mediator and artist based in Berlin. Her work centers on educational methods within curatorial and artistic practices. Viviane Tabach is also a ceramicist and teaches regularly in ceramic studios. In her artistic practice, she merges the contact with clay to explore and contextualize different environments. She co-founded and co-directed the art space Casa Aberta in São Paulo (2018-2022), where she organized transdisciplinary projects that integrated music, dance, visual arts, and other forms of expression. She has been a member of the collective Cruising Curators since 2020. She has worked for institutions such as Documenta, Berlin Biennale, Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Sesc Pompeia, Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, and others, and has collaborated with projects and spaces such as Buro Stedelijk, SSW, HKW (Haus der Kulturen der Welt), Floating University, Brücke Museum, Arts of the Working Class, Hopscotch Reading Room, OSTEN Festival, Grassi Museum, and Pilotenkueche Art Residency. She has founded and directs the project space Co-Making Matters. 

Nicole Candian, Nicole Candian is a Brazilian interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Berlin. Her practice develops through writing and photography and her research is based on the topics of home, objects and relationships. Focused on curatorial practices and cultural management, Nicole was one of the founders of Casaplanta, a creative studio based in Sao Paulo focused on the development of artistic projects. Over the past ten years, an exhibition producer, Nicole has collaborated with artists from different backgrounds and coordinated several projects in institutions like CCBB, SESCs, etc. As a member of Co-Making Matters, Nicole contributes on projects both as producer and creative collaborator.